“If it will stay still long enough, I will mosaic it!”
My most recent creative passion is mosaics. I have done several commissions for restaurants and schools in the San Antonio area. I love experimenting with this art form and collecting found objects to use in my pieces.

“Texture guides my artwork, especially when working in clay.”
Since I was a child, I have always been drawn to the beautiful Greek marble statues that adorn museums. My love for sculpture reached new heights when I began creating it for myself. I am inspired by organic forms (rocks, human shape, bones, etc.) and I leave many of my sculptures unglazed to emphasize the texture and natural qualities of the pieces.

“There is nothing like the feeling of creating something beautiful from something as simple as the earth beneath my feet.”
Ceramics was an art form that I didn’t expect to like, let alone fall in love with. I enjoy the experimental nature of clay. The ability to create new glazes and combine the clay with other mediums like beads and glass makes each piece truly unique.

“I use photography as an inspiration tool.”
I have been a photographer all of my life. Even as a young child, I was obsessed with trying to capture the world around me…to catch a moment in time and save it forever. My photographs document my life, my travels and my love of nature. They provide inspiration for my art and keep me focused on the ideas that I value the most.

“I am always eager to experiment in new mediums.”
I enjoy all things creative. I am inspired by color, textures, nature, and music. I do not consider myself a painter or a sculptor, but an artist, through and through.